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Taejaan occasionally offer Whippet and Siberian Husky puppies for sale to approved homes.

We have some sweet whippet babies who have become available. Please contact us if you are interested. Male and female, eight weeks old. Microchipped, vaccinated and house trained. Click here for photos>

Announcements of litters of Whippets and Siberian Huskies.
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Puppy application questionnaire will load below..

Please read the below information carefully.

  1. All our pet puppies are sold on the limited register (which means it is not a breeding animal, however, is a pure bred dog with pedigree papers registered with the Canine Bodies in Australia). Your dog will be registered as a pure bred dog with the Australian National Kennel Club and the NSWCC (New South Wails Canine Control). You will receive your limited register ‘pedigree’ papers at the time you collect your puppy or sent out not long thereafter, dependent on when we get them back from the NSWCC.
  2. Do you fully understand that your pet will be coming with limited register ‘pedigree’ papers and that your pet is not a breeding prospect?
  3. We recommend that any pet puppies sold by Taejaan Kennels attend puppy kindergarten and upon completion of that some obedience classes. This is not only crucial for the puppy to obtain appropriate training and socialization skills but also for you the owner to obtain founding knowledge to assist you in raising your puppy in the future to be a well mannered adult.
  4. We recommend that you continue on with obedience training with your Whippet/Siberian Husky and give your Whippet/Siberian Husky many social experiences to ensure that your Siberian Husky is a well socialized and amicable companion.
  5. Once we are satisfied that you are an appropriate home for one of our puppies and you are satisfied with us as the breeder of your puppy, we request a $200.00 non refundable deposit upon selection of your pet puppy. This request is made when puppy is between the ages of 6-8 weeks of age. Because we breed for Show prospects we will not know which puppies are available to pet homes until the puppy is of this age.
  6. We do not accept personal cheques, payment will be required as either Cash, Bank Cheque, Money Order or a direct deposit. Until we have these funds and receipt of payment your puppy will not be secured.
  7. Once evaluations have been made to ascertain show dogs from pet dogs we invite you out to advise what ‘pet’ puppies are available. Once your puppy has hit 8 weeks of age you are invited to come back out again once the balance of the purchase price has been received and then take your puppy home, or we can arrange transport for you.
  8. When your puppy is ready for collection he/she will have current vaccination, be microchipped, be fully wormed and advantage treated. Your puppy will be vet checked and fully socialised. You will receive your limited register papers and pedigree. You will also receive information on the breed, photos of both parents, and a copy of both parents eye certificate (Siberian Only).
  9. Taejaan Kennels strive to breed Whippet/Siberian Huskies that are physically and mentally sound. This does not, however, mean that all of our Whippet/Siberian Huskies are perfect. If a problem arises, we want to be contacted immediately with full details, whether the problem is genetic or otherwise – (including death) and get notification of the issue in writing by a registered Vet. This helps us to maintain accurate records of our Whippet/Siberian Huskies health.
  10. If for any reason you can no longer keep your pet, please advise us, and we will take the puppy back to re-home him/her.
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